Miracle Box 2.65 Setup Without Box Free Download

Miracle Box 2.65 Setup Without Box Free Download

Miracle Box 2.65 Setup Without Box Free Download
Miracle Box 2.65 Setup Without Box Free Download
Miracle Box 2.65 Setup Without Box Free Download

1.MTK  MT6763 Support.
2.MTK  OPPO F5, OPPO A79 Read/Write Support.
3.MTK  OPPO F5, OPPO A79 Format/Frp support.
4.MTK  Karbonn Aura Note2 Read/Write/FRP Support.
5.MTK  Symphony P9 Read/Write/FRP Support.
6.MTK  LETV Read/Write/FRP Support.
7. Models  X509 X507,
8.MTK  NEW LENOVO Read/Write/FRP support.
9. Models:A6600+,Lenovo c2..
8. The software fixes some bugs.

Miracle Box 2.65 Setup Without Box Free Download


  • CRO-l02
  • CRO-l03
  • CRO-l22
  • CRO-l23
  • CUN-l01
  • CUN-l02
  • CUN-l03
  • CUN-l21
  • CUN-l22
  • CUN-l23
  • LYO-l01
  • LYO-l02
  • LYO-l21

3.MTK  LAVA Read/Write support (Tested Laza Z90)
4.MTK LAVA IMEI/FRP support (Tested Laza Z90)
5.MTK OPPO A77 support
Miracle Box 2.65 Setup Without Box Free Download


  • Oppo 1107
  • Oppo 2107
  • Oppo 5117
  • Oppo 6607
  • Oppo A31T
  • Oppo A33F
  • Oppo A37F
  • Oppo N5207
  • Oppo R831s1
  • Oppo R831s2
  • Oppo R1107s
  • Oppo R3001
  • Oppo R3007
  • Oppo R6007
  • Oppo R7007
  • Oppo R8007
  • Oppo R8107
  • Oppo R8205
  • Oppo R8207
  • Oppo X9007
  • Oppo X9077
  • Oppo F3 plus
  • Qualcomm Add Repair Boot
  • Qualcomm Add Fully Support
  • MSM8974
  • MSM8917

9.Software Improvements.

1. Qualcomm add Factory Qcn Read/Write.
2. Qualcomm adds Repair IMEI by When Quite Qcn (World’s First).
3. Qualcomm add Unlock (Network) no root Method.
4. Qualcomm adds Reboot Bootloader/EDL/Recovery/Tun Off Mode.
5. Qualcomm add Read/Write EFS in EDL Mode.
6. Qualcomm add Repair IMEI in EDL Mode.
7. Qualcomm add Fix 9008 Mode.
8. Qualcomm add MSM8996 New Flash Id Added.
9.MTK Add MTK 6737M Read/Write/Format/IMEI/FRP Support.
10.MTK Add MTK 6737T Read/Write/Format/IMEI/FRP Support.
11. Support Download is Ready with Fastest Speed.
12. New Box Firmware Repair Added. {BOX_DataFirmware_Updater}.
13. Software Fix Some Bugs.

1.SPD Add SC9822 Supported.
2.SPD Add SC9832 New Mobile Supported.
3.SPD Add Format/Frp factory file Support.
4.SPD fix some bugs.
5.Qualcomm Add Oneplus T3 Read/write/Frp/Reset.
6.Qualcomm Add Oneplus Nokia5 support(Manual Select prog*_NK5).
7.Qualcomm MSM8996 Read/Write/FRP/Reset Added.
8. Android Add Nexus 6 FRP Supported.
9.Android Add Oppo Unlock(Pattern)(No lose data).
10. Android Add Oppo RSA Secret Key Get.
11. Software fix some bugs.

1.MTK Add Nokia 3 Read/Write Support.
2.MTK Add Nokia 3 FRP/Factory Reset/IMEI Support (World’s First).
3.MTK Add Vivo IMEI Repair.
4.MTK Add Mitel DA support.
5.MTK Improved.
6.MTK 6750A CPU Added (40+ Mobile Tested).
7.MTK 6580 CPU Added (150+ Mobile Tested).
8. Qualcomm Add Nokia 6 Read/Write Support
9. Qualcomm Add Nokia 6 FRP/Factory Reset Support
10. Software Some Functions Improved.

1.HUAWEI Add Flash support.
2.MTK Improve Meizu Unlock/Account Unlock.
3.MTK Add Oppo IMEI Repair.
4.MTK Improve Meizu IMEI Repair.
5.MTK Improve Auto USB port check.
6.SPD Add SC9832A support.
7.SPD Add SC9830A New mobile support.
8.Qualcomm Add New models for OPPO Account Unlock.
Add Models:
9. A software fixes some bugs.

1.MTK Add Secure Boot.
Support Read/Write/Format/IMEI/FRP.
2.MTK Add ASUS Support.
3.MTK Add Moto Support.
Support models:
4.MTK Add FRP Support (Format and Remove)
5.MTK Add VIVO Y66 Support.
6.Qualcomm Add OPPO Account Unlock
Support models:
OPPO R9s/OPPO R9s Plus
7.Qualcomm Add OPPO Read/Write/Format Support
8.Qualcomm Add ASUS Read/Write/Format Support
9.Qualcomm Improve OPPO IMEI Repair (Oppo Method (NEW))
10. Software Fix Some Bugs.

1.Qualcomm Add MI Account Unlock
Support Models:
Xiaomi 3/Xiaomi 3S/Xiaomi 4C
Xiaomi 4s/Xiaomi 4i/Xiaomi 4 Lte
Xiaomi 4 Prime/Xiaomi Note/Xiaomi Pro
Redmi 3/Redmi 3S/Redmi 4A
Redmi 4X/Redmi 4PT/Redmi 4GP
Redmi Note 3/Redmi Note 4x/Xiaomi 5
Xiaomi 5S/Xiaomi 5S Plus/Xiaomi Max PT
Xiaomi Max GP/Xiaomi MIX/Xiaomi Note 2

2.Qualcomm Add MI Boot Loader Unlock
Support Models:
Xiaomi 4c/Xiaomi 4s
3.Qualcomm Improve Write Flash
4.Qualcomm Improve UFS Flash Support
5.Qualcomm Add Write Selected (Write file to mobile)
6.MTK Add Vivo Y69 support.
7.SPD Improve SC9830 EMMC Boot Add New Nobile Support
8.SPD Improve Format and FRO Remove
9.Android Add MI Account Reset and Repair Wifi (Fastboot)
10. The software fixes some bugs.

1.MTK Add Meizu E2 Support.
2.MTK Improve Meizu Unlock/Account Unlock.
3.MTK Add MT6757 Read/Write Support.
4.MTK Add MT6757 IMEI Repair Support.
5. MTK FRP Remove Block Mode/ Flash Mode (World’s First).
6.Qualcomm Add Vivo support (World’s First).
7.Qualcomm Improve Auto Boot Search.
8.Qualcomm Add Vivo Account Unlock.
9.Qualcomm Add Vivo x9,x9s,y66.Account Unlock Main Software.
10. Qualcomm Generic IMEI Repair Added.
11. ASUS FRP Added and more Improved.
12. Android Add Enable USB Debug.
13. The software fixes some bugs.

1.MTK Add Meizu IMEI Support
2.MTK Add Meizu Read/Write Support
3.MTK Add Meizu Format Support
4.MTK Add Meizu Reset Code/Clear Anti-Theft Support
5.MTK Add Meizu Read Phonebook/Clear FRP Support
6.iPhone Add Download/Update Firmware (World’s First)
7.iPhone Add Update(Erase Firmware) (World’s First)
8.iPhone Add Read Info (meta) (World’s First)
9.Qualcomm Improve Format
10. The software fixes some bugs.

1.Qualcomm Add Imei/MEID/ESN Repair for Oppo (Oppo Method2)(first)
2.Qualcomm Add Imei/MEID/ESN Repair for Vivo(first)
3.Qualcomm Improve MSM 8996/MSM 8994 support
4.Qualcomm Improve MSM 8996/MSM 8994 Flashing/Read/format
5.Qualcomm Improve Reset Efs in EDL mode
6.Qualcomm Improve VOVI Factory Reset
7.Qualcomm Improve Auto Detection for Qualcomm Devices port
8.SPD Improve SC9830 EMMC Boot Add New mobile support
9.Software fix some bugs

1.Qualcomm Add Imei Repair for OnePLus Qualcomm Devices
2.Qualcomm Add Imei Repair for Oppo Qualcomm Devices
3.Qualcomm Add Reset Efs Security without root
4.Qualcomm Add Enable Diag New Method for Qualcomm Devices
5.Qualcomm Improve Auto Detection for Qualcomm Devices
6.Qualcomm Improve Frp Unlock for OnePlus Devices
7.Qualcomm Improve Qualcomm Universal Unlocker
8.Qualcomm Improved Flashing
9.Qualcomm Improve  Read Info
10.Qualcomm Imei Repair (Method 3)
11.Software fix some bugs

1.Nokia Add Lumia Read info(first)
2.Nokia Add Lumia Flash(first)
3.Broadcom Improve Flash in Download Mode
4.Qualcomm Add Forced Edl Mode from Box(early)
5.Qualcomm Improve Reboot Edl Mode from fastboot
6.Qualcomm Improve Unlock Bootloader
7.Android Improve Vivo Unlock bootloader(fastboot)
8.Android Improve Vivo Unlocks(fastboot)
9.MTK Improve write flash and Update boot
10.Improve Box pin finder
11. The software fix some bugs

1.MTK Add Vivo Read/formatwrite supports
2.read pattern/clear/Anti-theft/MTK Add Vivo Unlock
3.MTK Add Vivo IMEI repair(first)
4.MTK Add OPPO A1601 write support(first)
5.MTK Improve write flash
6.SPD Improve EMMC Format(first)
7.SPD Improve FRP reset(first)
8.Qualcomm Improve Read Flash
9.Qualcomm Improve Lock Bootloader
10.Android Improve Oppo Network Unlock
11. The software fixes bugs.

1.Qualcomm Add Safe mode Factory Reset
2.Qualcomm Improve Factory Reset Auto mode
3.Qualcomm Add Direct Unlock(first)
4.Qualcomm Improve Read Partitions
5.Qualcomm Improve Read flash
6.Android Add OnePlus3 FRP Reset(first)
7. Android Add Mi Remove All Lock(Account)
8.Android Add Mi Disable Account(first)
9.Android Add Oppo Network Unlock
Support A33,A33F,A37,A57,F1,F1+,F1s,FIND5,Joy,R5,S7,etc..
10.Software fix some bugs.

1. Qualcomm Read flash support  MSM8953
2. Qualcomm Add MSM8953 Factory Reset/wipe support
3.Qualcomm Add MSM8953 Read Pattern support
4.Qualcomm Add Auto Identify CPU model
5.Qualcomm Add All Read Pattern support
6. Qualcomm Improve read the info
7.Qualcomm Add Reboot Edl Mode
8.Qualcomm Add Reboot Edl Mode from fastboot
9.MTK Improve All Read Pattern/phonebook/reset code
10.Android Improve Remove Frp Universal
11. The software fix some bugs

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